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45 Degree Long Radius Elbow

Long Radius Elbow. Best-selling 45 Degree Long Radius Elbow Pipe Fittings in low temperature carbon steel, with complete size and high reputation, to meet your demands. The most applied version is 45 degree or 90 degree long radius elbows. Long radius type is frequently adopted if no radius is indicated.



Product Details

The difference between stainless steel elbow and carbon steel elbow is mainly the difference of the material, the chemical composition will keep the surface of the elbow for a long time will not rust, will not be corroded.

In piping systems, an elbow is a pipe fitting that changes the direction of the pipe.According to the Angle, there are 45° and 90°180° three most commonly used, and according to the engineering needs, there are also 60° and other abnormal Angle elbows.

Standard: ASTM EN DIN GB ISO JIS Certification: SGS,ISO,ROHS
Size: 1/2"-24" seamless, 26"-60" welded Polish: mirror polish,dull/matte polish,sub-light,240 girt,400 grit
Wall thickness: SCH5S, SCH10S, SCH10, SCH40S, STD, XS, SCH80S, XXS, SCH20, SCH30, SCH40, SCH60,  SCH80,  SCH160, XXS and etc. Surface: Pickled,sand blasting, rolling blast,brighten,matt polished,mirror polished,vanished,shinning
Radius: LR/long radius/R=1.5D,SR/Shrot radius/R=1D, various radius: 3D,4D,5D,6D,7D,10D,20D etc. Process Method: Forged / Casting
End: Bevel end/BE/buttweld Price terms: FOB,CRF,CIF,EXW all acceptable
Camber: 30° 45° 60° 90° 180°,etc Payment Terms: T/T, L/C at sight,West Union,D/P,D/A,Paypal
Grade: 201,202,304,304L,309,309S,310S,316,316L,316Ti,317L,321,347H,409,409L,410,410S,420(420J1,420J2),430,436,439,441,444,446 etc1.4301, 1.4307, 1.4541, 1.4401, 1.4404 ,1.4571, 1.4438, 1.4539, 1.4547, 1.4529, 1.4562, 1.4410, 1.4878, 1.4845, 1.4828, 1.4876, 2.4858, 2.4819
Application: Petrochemical and chemical company, Fertilizer Industry, electric power, shipbuilding, papermaking, construction, offshore platform, Refinery Industry, etc
Container Size: 20ft GP:5898mm(Length)x2352mm(Width)x2393mm(High)40ft GP:12032mm(Length)x2352mm(Width)x2393mm(High)40ft HC:12032mm(Length)x2352mm(Width)x2698mm(High)





Elbow materials are cast iron, stainless steel, alloy steel, calcined cast iron, carbon steel, non-ferrous metals and plastics, etc.Pipe connection methods are: direct welding (the most common way) flange connection, hot melt connection, electric fusion connection, threaded connection and socket connection.According to the production process, it can be divided into: welding elbow, stamping elbow, hot pressing elbow, push elbow, casting elbow, forging elbow, clamp elbow, etc.Other names: 90° bend, right Angle bend, love bend, white steel bend, etc.



According to the standard production can be converted into:

1. According to the manufacturing standard, it can be divided into national standard, ship standard, electric standard, water standard, American standard, German standard, Japanese standard, Russian standard, etc.

2. It can be divided into pushing, pressing, forging, casting and so on.

90° stainless steel elbow is mainly used for pipe installation in a connecting pipe fitting, for pipe bend connection.Connect two pipes of the same or different nominal diameter to make a 90° turn.

Usually on the basis of carbon steel increased a high proportion of Cr, Ni and other alloys, the content ratio can reach more than 20%.Common types of steel are: 304,304L, 321,316,316L, 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 0Cr18Ni9, the first several numerical representation of steel number for Japan, the United States steel number method, the last one (1Cr18Ni9Ti) for the domestic steel number method.

Stainless steel characteristics: strength, toughness index is the best of all kinds of steel, its most prominent advantage is corrosion resistance, in chemical paper and other corrosive occasions must use stainless steel, of course, the cost is also high!