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Butt Weld On Pipe Cap

Gnee is a manufacturer and supplier of alloy steel weld on pipe end cap, top quality will be guaranteed by our skilled workers and professional technicians.This fitting is design to use in moderate and high temperature service. Buttweld Pipe Caps are available in a wide range of dimensions and materials that are complied with national and international standards and grades.



Product Details

The head refers to the element used to close the end of the container to isolate the internal and external media, also known as the end cover. The head of cylinder descriptors is generally a rotating shell. According to the shape of the head surface, it can be divided into convex shape, conical shape, flat shape and combined shape. Convex head refers to the head whose outer surface is convex, such as semi spherical, elliptical, dished and non folded spherical head. Some gas cylinders adopt the combined bottom head with convex face inward, which can not only ensure the strength, but also meet the needs of safe use.