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Drill Pipe

Application: Used for Mine, water well drilling, well drilling, coal and fore poling Size:OD: 60.32mm-168.28mm,WT: 6.45-12.7mm,LENGTH: R1, R2, R3 Pipe Standard:API 5DP E75, X95, G105, S135 Upset Style:IU, EU, IEU Connection:NC26 - NC50, 5 1/2FH, 6 5/8FH Internal coating:TK34,TC2000, Arnco 100XT, 200XT, 300XT



Product Details


Drill pipes are long tubular sections of pipe that make up the majority of the drill string. They are typically a 31 foot long section of tubular pipe but may be anywhere from 18 to 45 feet in length.

Heavy weight drill pipe (HWDP) is a tubular pipe that adds weight or acts as a transitional piece in the drill string. As a transitional section of the drill string, it is placed between the drill collar and standard drill pipe to reduce fatigue failures. In other applications the HWDP is used as an additional weight to weigh down the drill string.

Heavy weight drill pipe is a medium-weight drilling pipe, (referred standards in API SPEC 7-1). It has bigger wall thickness than common drilling pipe and smaller than drill collar.

Drill collars are a component of the drill string that makes up part of the BHA. They are thicker-walled, heavier, and more rigid than drill pipes and are primarily used to weigh down the drill bit while dampening vibration and impact forces.

Drill Pipe:2-3/8" to 7-5/8" OD, Range 2 and 3

Heavy Weight pipe:2-3/8" to 6-5/8" OD, Range 2 and 3

Drill Collars:2-7/8" to 14"

Grades: E75, X95, G105, S135

Connection threads:NC26, NC31, NC38, NC40, NC46, NC50, 5 1/2FH.6 5/8FH.

Internal Upset: IU, EU, IEU


Size designation Calculated weight Tool joint designation Calculated weight grade Wall thickness Upset ends
in 1b/ft Kg/m in mm
2 3/8 6.65 NC26 6.26 9.32 E.X.G.S 0.28 7.11 EU
2 7/8 10.4 NC31 9.72 14.48 E.X.G.S 0.362 9.19 EU
3 1/2 13.3 NC38 12.31 18.34 E.X.G.S 0.368 9.35 EU