Rebar refers to steel used for reinforced concrete and prestressed reinforced concrete. Its cross section is round, sometimes square with rounded corners. Including plain round reinforcement, ribbed reinforcement and twisted reinforcement. Reinforcement for reinforced concrete refers to straight or coiled steel used for reinforcement of reinforced concrete. Its appearance is divided into smooth round reinforcement and deformed reinforcement, and the delivery status is straight bar and coiled round reinforcement.

Straight wire rod

Wire rods are mainly used as blanks for wire drawing, and can also be directly used as building materials and processed into mechanical parts. Wire rod, also known as wire rod, usually refers to small diameter round steel in coils. The diameter of the wire rod is in the range of 5-19 mm (usually 6-9 mm), and its lower limit is the minimum size of the hot rolled steel section. Wire rods are round steel with relatively small diameter. The commodity form is supplied in coils. On the construction site, the common ones are those with diameters of 6, 8, 10 and 12 mm, most of which are low carbon steel. Generally, they are not used for the main reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures, but are mainly used for making reinforcement sleeves. There are also small diameter "brick reinforcement" used in brick concrete structures.
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